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The Internet Will Ruin Society

Tuesday, July 6th, 2010

That’s a suitably provocative title for a blog post, isn’t it?  And why shouldn’t it be – after all that’s what you have to do to get your opinions read in the low attention span drive-thru world of internet McContent.  It’s a tactic that has been employed by tabloid newspaper writers for years and one that it likely to be with us as long as the internet steals away the readership of the print-based media.  It is therefore understandable that the traditional newspapers might have it in for our good friend, the internet and it’s certainly one of the many reasons why less tech-savvy journalists may take any opportunity to warn an already frightened public about the dangers of the internet.


Does anyone remember Friends reuinited?  We don’t, but for the sake of argument lets pretend we do.  It was one of the early social networking sites that for a small fee allowed old school friends to track each other down and catch up.  It was immensley possible and as it’s membership grew, the newspapers started to report instances of marriages being broken up and lovers being jilted because of connections that were renewed on Friends Reunited.  And of course no one cheated on their partner before the internet came along did they?

The reason we have forgotten about Friends Reunited is due to the overwhelming market dominance.  In fact it is so omnipresent that we completely forgot to mention MySpace – and that was a pretty big deal back in it’s day.  Facebook has a thousands more users than Friends Reunited ever did yet we hardly ever read any stories about relationships being wrecked because of this, despite the odds dictating that it must be a much more likely occurance now.  No, Facebook is much worse – so bad in fact that it can increase your odds of getting cancer.  Even if it doesn’t it will certainly turn your children into social recluses, unable to interact with the outside world.


We never hear about the benefits of interacting with people on social networks.  The friendships, relationships and connections that will have been forged because of these sites must be innumerable.  Facebook actively encourage the organisation of events where people can meet up face to face so if anything we are much more social creature than we used to be before social networking sites became popular.  The term ‘flashmob’ never existed before there were sites that enabled such social events to be easily organised.

At the end of the day, the job of the newspaper journalist is to manipulate words in order to encourage people to read them.  It’s up to you to filter out the noise and make your own decisions about how you use these sites.  We here at the cheap web design company love Facebook and Twitter and would never use the internet to manipulate content in order to fit our agenda.  Although we may have just done that…did we mention we’re good at SEO too? :)

17 Cool Business Card Ideas

Friday, July 2nd, 2010

We are looking at designing some new business cards for the Cheap Web Design and started to do some research into ones we like and just had to share with you some of the funkiest business cards we came across!

Great shapes and cut outs.

Picture 4

Picture 5

Picture 7

Picture 8

Different materials.

Picture 9

Picture 11

Picture 16

Picture 37

The cards that are other things too.

Picture 39

Picture 34

Picture 25

Picture 36

The downright brilliant!

Picture 13

Picture 17

Picture 18

Picture 21

Picture 28

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